Monday, 14 September 2020

Ready To Use Orange Shirt Day Resources

 Orange Shirt Day Information and Resources


Suggested Books:

Grade Level: K-5

1.  You Hold Me Up- Monique Gray Smith

2.  Stolen Words- Melanie Florence

3.  When We Were Alone- David Robertson

4.  The Orange Shirt Story- Phyllis Webstad

5.  Shi-Shi Etko- Nicola I Campbell

Grade Level: 6-12

1.  Speaking Our Truth- Monique Gray Smith

2.  The Secret Path- Gord Downie and Jeff Lemire

3.  Picking Up the Pieces- Carey Newman and Kirstie Hudson

4.  Righting Canada’s Wrongs- Melaine Florence


Suggested Information/Lessons/Activities:



Suggested Videos:


Grade Level: K-5

1. Phyllis’ Story:

2. Shin-chi's Canoe:

3. CBC Chief Bob Joseph:




Grade Level: 6-12

1. The Witness Blanket:

2. The Chanie Wenjack Story:

3. In My Own Words:

4. AVSSTV - Orange Shirt Day Promo:

5. CBC Chief Robert Joseph:


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