Monday, 14 September 2020

Ready To Use Orange Shirt Day Resources

 Orange Shirt Day Information and Resources


Suggested Books:

Grade Level: K-5

1.  You Hold Me Up- Monique Gray Smith

2.  Stolen Words- Melanie Florence

3.  When We Were Alone- David Robertson

4.  The Orange Shirt Story- Phyllis Webstad

5.  Shi-Shi Etko- Nicola I Campbell

Grade Level: 6-12

1.  Speaking Our Truth- Monique Gray Smith

2.  The Secret Path- Gord Downie and Jeff Lemire

3.  Picking Up the Pieces- Carey Newman and Kirstie Hudson

4.  Righting Canada’s Wrongs- Melaine Florence


Suggested Information/Lessons/Activities:



Suggested Videos:


Grade Level: K-5

1. Phyllis’ Story:

2. Shin-chi's Canoe:

3. CBC Chief Bob Joseph:




Grade Level: 6-12

1. The Witness Blanket:

2. The Chanie Wenjack Story:

3. In My Own Words:

4. AVSSTV - Orange Shirt Day Promo:

5. CBC Chief Robert Joseph:


Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

The Wap Sigatgyet team is back for another year of powerful and meaningful learning opportunities that we are so excited to share with our students and community!

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