Tuesday, 7 May 2019

PCS Students Study Plants on Rushbrook Trail

PCS students studied local Indigenous plants in the classroom, and then participated in learning on the land. PCS students and staff walked Rushbrook Trail with Curriculum Specialist Teachers Tannis Calder, and Lori Burger as well as Role Model Chris Nelson. Students studied samples of plants they are researching, and also learned about Traditional Ecological Knowledge and harvesting protocols. It was a great day of learning through experiences!

Thursday, 2 May 2019

New Resources!

 Don't forget to check our blog for updates on exciting new Indigenous resources as part of our resource library! You can check their availability at wap.libib.com. We are always looking for new authentic, engaging and relevant resources to share with district teachers and staff.

UBC Students visit Wap Sigatgyet

UBC students visited Wap Sigatgyet today to learn about the programs and services of the Aboriginal Education Department, as well as to participate in the Math in a Ts'msyen Context workshop. Students played a variety of math games, and explored the locally developed curriculum resources with Curriculum Specialist Teachers, a great day of learning for all!

Soap Carving 3D Crests at PRMS

Students at PRMS worked with Role Model Kari Morgan and Curriculum Specialist Teacher Lori Burger, to create a 3D representation of a bear crest. Students created these projects as part of the Grade 6 cohort of classroom teachers who utilized the unit: Totem Poles and have been participating in a variety of theme based activities for the months of April and May.

Friday, 26 April 2019

2019 Heritage Fair Highlights Culture in Prince Rupert

Students from School District 52 participated in this year's Heritage Fair at the Lester Center. Many of the projects presented at the fair highlighted the rich culture and heritage of the students of Prince Rupert, and the interwoven family connections to the area. Students put a lot of work and effort into learning about their cultures and backgrounds, and were very proud of their amazing projects!

PRMS Crest Pole Walk 2019

PRMS Students participated in a series of Crest Pole walks among all of the grade 6 classrooms. Students began by learning about basic Pacific North Coast art forms, then visited several crest poles in Prince Rupert. Students learned the significance of the poles, and the connected this learning to the way that the Potlatch Ban and Indian Act impacted the creation of poles in First Peoples histories.